How to Choose Shoes that Fit Correctly

Choose shoes that fits correctly

How to Choose Shoes that Fit Correctly

When it comes to shoes, there are often two types of people: those who buy too many pairs and those who avoid shoe-shopping at all costs. But did you know that shoes are not all about looks – the shoes you choose can have a big impact on your foot health. How so?

Whenever you move or walk, your feet carry twice your entire body weight with every step you take. Having correctly fitted shoes will give your feet the cushioning and support they need while feeling comfortable. On the other hand, shoes that don’t fit properly can contribute to injuries such as shin splints and Achilles tendon pain, corns and bunions, ingrown nails, or postural issues and lower back pain.

Our podiatrists have outlined these tips to keep in mind when you shop for new shoes:

Space matters

Always make sure there is 1.5cm of space between your longest toe and the tip of your shoe. Wiggle your toes to make sure there’s enough room for them to move – they should not feel squished. In some cases (e.g. if your shoes are made of leather), it might take awhile for your shoes to stretch out, but overall, your shoes should feel comfortable, even if they are new. 

Test your shoes

Before you start wearing your shoes regularly, test them out on different surfaces to see how they feel when you walk. Wear your new pair of shoes at home for short bursts before you wear them to go out for longer periods.

Shop in the afternoon

Did you know your feet are a little larger at the end of the day than in the morning? Going shoe shopping later on gives your feet enough time to expand naturally and you will find a pair that fits you better. 

Get fitted correctly

Get your feet measured and do this every time you buy new shoes. Feet change with age, often growing larger and wider. If one foot is larger than the other (which is often the case), buy a size that fits the larger foot. If you wear orthotics, make sure to try on new shoes while wearing these inserts. And, yes, we manufacture custom-made orthoses at footinjuryclinic’s in-house laboratory.  

Make sure your feet are supported

Always make sure your shoes are well-fitted and provide the right support for your feet at the ankle and arch. If your shoes feel uncomfortable, or cause any discomfort, make an appointment with our podiatrists before it becomes a serious problem.

Get in touch with our podiatrists who can help you find shoes that suit your foot type and your daily activities. We can also do a biomechanical gait analysis as well as make customised orthoses in our in-house lab. 

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