Do you have Work-From-Home Feet?

Work from home feet

Do you have Work-From-Home Feet?

Working from home has become the new normal since the COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s very convenient to work from home, this new lifestyle is beginning to have an impact on our body, especially our feet.

Podiatrists are concerned that people will develop what they are dubbing “Work-From-Home” (WFH) feet. WFH feet is when you begin to experience acute pain in your feet, especially in the heels and arches, which results from wearing slippers or ill-fitting shoes when working from home.

If you’re someone who walks around all day wearing Ugg boots or soft slippers at home, you need to stop. The footwear you  wear indoors generally do not provide your feet with the right support. Unlike your work shoes or sneakers, your work-from-home footwear may not have a strap, a lace or comfortable insoles to give you that extra support and cushioning. This leads to fatigued feet and legs, muscles aches and foot cramps. Does this sound like you?

What can you do to combat WFH Feet?

Tip 1:

Wear stable shoes with good support when you are working from home. Even if it’s sneakers or boots, wearing comfortable shoes that are not too tight or too loose can make a big difference in how your feet will feel after a long day.

Tip 2:

Massage your feet at the end of the day. You can do it with a spiky ball, a foam roller or even a tennis ball at home. A foot massage can alleviate the pain and tension you’ve accumulated in your feet after a long day.

Tip 3:

If you do wear slippers or Ugg boots, make sure that they are not too old and worn out. A mistake many of us make is continuing to wear shoes even when they’re well past their use-by date. Check the insoles for wear and tear and make sure your shoes don’t smell.

Tip 4:

Check whether your work-from-home office desk is set up correctly. The way you sit at your desk and your posture during the day can impact your feet. Make sure your workspace is comfortable enough for your body alignment right from your head, neck and shoulders down to your feet.

If you’ve got painful, tired feet that need some professional attention, please contact our friendly podiatrists who will keep your feet healthy.