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  • Ah, summer! Long, glorious days filled with swimming at the beach, barbecues with friends and school holidays. If your f

  • Picking Up Marbles With Your Toes It makes sense that strengthening your feet might help reduce and prevent foot pain, b

  • You’re hard on your feet, and likely only taking between 3,500- 5,000 steps a day. And let’s be honest, how much l

  • Do you… Find walking or standing uncomfortable? Need advice on how to choose correct shoes? Experience foot or leg pain

  • A callus is a section of skin that has become toughened and thick because of friction, pressure or irritation. Most peop

  • Has your child woken up in the middle of the night, crying that his/her legs are aching? ‘Growing pains’, you think to y

  • When you’re out shoe shopping, how do you choose your footwear? All too often we waste a lot of time (and money!) purcha

  • Walking is the most popular physical activity undertaken by Australian adults. It’s free, easy, and can be done al

  •   Are you one of those people who wait until your foot and ankle problems become excruciating before you book in to