Staying Active During COVID-19

Exercise during covid

Staying Active During COVID-19

For most of us, COVID-19 has changed our lives forever. We are now more cautious about our hygiene practices, a lot of services and offices have moved online and, there’s been a big shift in our preferences for exercise and physical activity. 

As many gyms were forced to close down, many of us in Sydney started exercising outdoors. In fact, according to Sydney Morning Herald’s recent survey, 72% people now appreciate having access to their local parks, and 96% of them now use public spaces for running, exercising and walking. So, what are some best ways to stay active outdoors while the pandemic continues and gyms don’t seem to be the safest option anymore?


As simple as it sounds, walking for just 30 minutes to one hour a day can not only help you stay fit, but also have a myriad benefits on your physical and mental health. Taking a stroll in your local park or reserve can boost your immune system, help you maintain cardiovascular health, lift your mood and burn some calories. 


Being a form of low-impact cardio exercise, running is extremely beneficial to your health. It’s a sure way to stay fit and one of the best ways to slim down for the upcoming Spring season. Running also strengthens your joints and gives tone to your muscles. As for your mental health, it significantly decreases your stress and anxiety levels. 

Outdoor Group Exercises

The best thing about outdoor exercise groups is that not only does it boost your motivation to go outside, it is a great chance to connect with like-minded people and regain the sense of community that many of us may be missing during these times. It is important, however, to maintain social distancing when exercising outdoors in groups. Remember, currently in NSW the maximum number of people for public gatherings should not exceed 20.

But there’s more!

Since exercising, walking and spending time outdoors is becoming more prevalent these days, the NSW government has teamed up with an advocacy group Committee for Sydney to introduce an ideas competition for public spaces across the greater Sydney metropolitan area. It invites Sydneysiders to nominate their own ideas for new or reimagined public spaces. To learn more, visit this page.

Look after your feet to stay active

We know that staying active is a must to ensure our health and immunity, especially since we are in the middle of the cold, ‘flu and COVID-19 season. Whether you love long walks across beautiful Sydney landscapes, or like to jog in the mornings before you begin your day, it’s really important to look after your feet and take care of them to prevent any injuries or pain. 

The podiatrists at footinjuryclinic are here and our clinics are open for consultation. If you ever have any concerns about your foot health, need help getting your fitness back on track, have any niggling sports injury or need an assessment of your gait, please contact us and we will help you stay active without injury.