Summer Foot Problems

summer foot problems

Summer Foot Problems

Summer’s here – and so are the foot issues associated with the season. Our podiatrists at footinjuryclinic have outlined some of the main foot problems they see on the increase as the weather warms up. These foot ailments tend to increase in summer since people are more likely  to wear thongs, go barefoot on the beach and in parks, or wear ill-fitting shoes for the festive season. Don’t worry – our podiatrists also share their tips on how to fix these issues. 

Foot Pain

Foot pain such as plantar fasciitis often increases in summer when we wear footwear like thongs (flip flops) or high heels that do not give our feet enough support. 

While thongs seem like the easiest thing to wear when going to the beach and high heels keep things classy when it’s a night out celebrating, it’s important to avoid wearing these kinds of footwear for extended periods of time. Our suggestion: wear sneakers to and from the venue and change your shoes once you get there. If you have foot pain that doesn’t subside after a period of rest, make an appointment to see our podiatrists.

Foot Infections

 While it may seem very Aussie to go outdoors barefoot in summer, our podiatrists advise you to use caution as your feet could get injured by sharp objects (broken glass, rocks, etc.). Going barefoot in wet communal areas is a big no-no; it increases your risk of fungal foot and nail infections. Have a blanket rule of never going barefoot in public areas (e.g. beaches, pools, parks, gyms). If you think you have a fungal nail infection, speak to our podiatrists immediately.

Cracked Heels

Wearing open shoes increases the chance of cracked heels. If this is severe, you run the risk of getting an infection. Make sure not to wear open shoes all the time. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! We stock an excellent heel balm, so contact our clinics, if needed. 

Swollen feet

As the weather warms up, your body tends to swell more, which becomes apparent in your hands and feet (also known as heat oedema). This problem is compounded when you  wear shoes that are too tight, restricting circulation and movement. It also gives rise to ingrown toenails, blisters and bunions. Our podiatrists recommend that you keep your feet cool. If needed, soak them in a cool foot bath or even in an ice bath, if needed, to reduce swelling. 

Sunburnt Feet

While we remember to slip, slap, slop our face, neck and arms with sunscreen, most of us forget to apply sunscreen on our feet. Yes, your feet need sunscreen as well! The harsh Australian sun increases your risk of melanoma. This summer, make it a point to apply sunscreen everywhere – it could save your life. If you do get sunburnt, apply a soothing lotion such as aloe vera.

If your feet could do with a bit of professional help with bunions, cracked heels, foot pain, fungal nail infections, etc., make an appointment to see our podiatrists at any of our 3 clinics.