Sun Smart Feet for Summer

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Sun Smart Feet for Summer

Summer’s here and millions of Australians are heading outdoors – to the beach, on camping trips, travelling, hiking… While it’s great to get outdoors, our podiatrists want to stress one important fact: your feet can get sunburnt too! In fact, the skin on your feet is susceptible to melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. So, every time you slather your body with sunscreen, make sure you apply it to the tops and the soles of your feet. Yes, you read that right – even the bottom of your feet need sunblock. If you find that hard to believe, this patient’s case of skin cancer should shock you into following these orders.  

skin cancer on sole of foot

A stark reminder of what can happen if you don’t put sunscreen on your feet while you’re sunbathing at the beach.

If you’re at the pool or water park, don’t forget the sunscreen. Stay safe by applying sunscreen BEFORE and AFTER water activities, as well as every 4 hours or as directed.

Check your feet regularly for signs of skin cancer such as moles or freckles on your feet, near or under your toenails that are abnormal or recently changed size, shape, colour, causing pain or starting to bleed. Early detection and treatment could help to save your life. 

If you notice anything different with your feet, book an appointment to visit our podiatrists immediately.