Taking Care of Your Feet in Wet Weather

Foot care in wet weather

Taking Care of Your Feet in Wet Weather

La Niña is well and truly making her presence felt right now in Australia. We’re having a wet summer with regular thunderstorms and persistent rainy spells. 

Unfortunately, in addition to being uncomfortable, the wet weather is not great for our feet. Wearing wet shoes can lead to bacterial or fungal infections such as athlete’s foot or fungal nail infections from the dark, warm and moist conditions. Wet feet can also result in cracked feet and painful blisters. Our podiatrists share their tips on how to take care of your feet when they’re wet.

Get your feet dry as soon as possible

While it might seem obvious, many of us forget to do this. If you know it’s going to be rainy, carry another pair of footwear that you can change into. If you work in an office, keep a spare pair of shoes under your desk. Kids can carry a small towel to wipe their wet feet and a fresh pair of socks when they go to school and sports. 

Air out your shoes

Invest in quality footwear and socks. Make sure you can dry them out quickly and easily if they get wet. If using leather shoes, keep them well oiled with a suitable water repelling product.

Go barefoot once indoors

Take off your boots/shoes as soon as you’re inside after being out in the rain. You need to air out your shoes and your feet. This will prevent bacteria/ fungus from breeding. Do not wear wet shoes. Make sure they have plenty of time to completely dry out. 

Look after blisters

If you feel a blister coming on due to wet weather chaffing, use plasters/ band-aids to tape ‘hotspots’ i.e. around the heels and toes. Do not pierce blisters as this can create a port of entry for bacteria which may result in infection. Let our podiatrists treat them instead.  

Check your footwear

Check the lining of your shoes to ensure there are no rips or holes. Don’t forget to check the soles for any cracks or splits.

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