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Lunula Laser for Fungal Nail Infections at footinjuryclinic Bondi Junction

fungal nail treatment sydney

Do you have a fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) and are embarrassed to wear open-toed shoes, sandals and flip-flops due to your unsightly toenails? We can help. footinjuryclinic is happy to announce that our podiatrists are now using Lunula Laser – a brand new treatment to eliminate fungal nail infections. It is a non-thermal, non-invasive, pain-free procedure that often results in new nail growth in as little as six months.

What is toenail fungus?

Onychomycosis (pronounced “on-ih-koh-my-KOH-sis”), also known as tinea unguium, is a fungal infection of the nail that affects up to 10% of the world’s population. It often starts as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenail and, as the fungal infection goes deeper, it causes your toenail to discolour, thicken and crumble at the edge. It can cause separation of the toenail from the nail bed. Onychomycosis affects toenails more often than fingernails because of their slower growth, reduced blood supply and the frequent confinement of your feet in dark, moist environments (your shoes). Fungal nail infections can develop in people at any age, but it’s more common in older adults. As the nail ages, it can become brittle and dry. The resulting cracks in the nails allow fungi to enter. Other factors such as reduced blood circulation to the feet and a weakened immune system can also result in fungal infections.

How does Lunula Laser work?

Unlike high-power, high-heat lasers which have been used to treat toenail fungus, the new Lunula Laser produces a low-level or cold output that is non-thermal with no effect on the body’s tissue or nail bed. The Lunula laser produces two rotating laser beams which are able to treat all affected toenails simultaneously. Its two therapeutic wavelengths – 405nm (violet) and 635nm (red) – each perform a specific function to tackle toenail fungus.

  • Violet(405nm): This wavelength acts directly upon the fungus, causing its outer wall to weaken. This allows the body’s immune system to attack and destroy the virus.
  • Red(635nm): This wavelength acts upon the body’s natural immune cells to strengthen them, making them more active and able to destroy the weakened fungus. The red light also stimulates blood flow, which speeds up the treatment process.
Lunula Foot Laser
How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments you will need depends on the severity of your fungal infection. However, most patients are required to do one weekly treatment each week for four weeks. Each treatment takes 12 minutes. Clinical trial results demonstrated 46% of new clear nail growth after 6 months. You do not need to take any medication or apply any topical ointments before or after this cold laser treatment. However, you have to maintain very strict feet hygiene to prevent re-infection.

There is no recovery time needed – patients can return to their daily activities immediately after each treatment. Lunula Laser is simple and fast. An initial appointment takes 45 minutes for both feet as opposed to a two-hour session with alternative treatments.

What are the side effects?

Lunula Laser has a unique capacity to zap away toenail fungus without the harmful side effects of oral medication or the painful side effects of hot laser treatments. This cold laser treatment has been shown to produce far superior results by restoring clear and healthy nails within six months, when compared to hot laser treatment which are often painful and bring only temporary relief.

Case Studies:
Our patients have had amazing success in getting rid of their fungal toenail infections after being treated with Lunula Laser technology. Here are some results.

At footinjuryclinic Bondi Junction, we are at the cutting edge of Lunula cold laser treatment in Sydney. Give our Bondi Junction clinic a call on 9386 5400 today and let us treat your fungal toenail infection.