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The footinjuryclinic in Bondi Junction is one of the only clinics in the Sydney area that makes use CAD/CAM technology for designing and manufacturing foot orthoses. The precision Orthema system is Swiss made and provides us with the ability to provide patients with foot orthoses within one hour if required.

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what are foot orthoses/orthotics?

Foot orthoses or orthotics are inserts for shoes. They are commonly known as in-shoe stabilising devices which are prescribed and designed to align and assist in the foot and lower limb function during walking and running.

At the footinjuryclinic our podiatrists attend to people of all ages and levels of activity with a variety of leg and lower limb problems.

We use a variety of different devices depending on individual needs and budgets. Some patients need a custom made device or sometimes prefabricated or over the counter inserts can be modified to meet individual needs.
The orthotic devices that we provide are ideal for children who experience recurring leg or foot pain, walk or run with difficulties such as pronated flat feet, those who may have an in-toed (pigeon toed) or out-toed gait or even those kids who have uneven school shoe or sport shoe wear.

Orthoses are also prescribed for the aged or seniors who develop aches and pains as a result of arthritis or the side effects of diabetes.

Pressure relief orthotics – these devices integrate cushioning as well as additional relief by redistributing pressure from the prominent problem areas of the foot and play a major role in foot function and reduction of ulcerations in the diabetic patient.

Over the counter/prefabricated orthotics – these are possible medium term alternatives for support but are not specific for the individual feet.

Custom moulded orthotics – these devices are for conditions that require a superior fit and control for a more accurate realignment and for a long term solution. These are our premium devices and are fabricated with custom control and comfort.

Our practice offers orthotic reviews regardless of whether we made your previous devices. Our practice offers a refurbishment service of old existing devices with recovering available in various materials and reposting for better control and an even longer life.

CAD/CAM orthotics stands for Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufactured orthotics. This means that there is no need for a conventional messy plaster cast to make your orthotics. Instead our hi-tech Orthema digitiser records the exact contours of your foot whilst being held in its corrected standing position by your experienced podiatrist.

The Digitiser is an unique measurement device with over 500 sensors, developed to measure the profile of a human foot. With this measuring device the foot can be measured fully-, partly- or non weight bearing.

This information is then processed by our onsite Orthema computer and after any necessary adjustments are made to your prescription, the Orthema milling machine carves out your custom Orthema orthotics while you wait. Each Orthema orthotic is made by the onsite computer from a soft, supportive E.V.A. rubber according to the exact contours and structural characteristics of your feet. Our orthotics are then customised further with specific covering materials appropriate to your sport or vocation.

what are the advantages of Orthema CAD/CAM prescription orthotics?

  • no messy, uncomfortable plaster casts – your feet are scanned entirely digitally;
  • precise scans of your feet in their corrected positions – the 512 sensors on the Orthema computer-aided digitiser are measured to an accuracy of 0.1mm;
  • no risk of damage to your casts during transit to an external laboratory;
  • a range of different orthotic blocks, enabling your podiatrist to select the most comfortable density or density combination for you;
  • a rapid turnaround on your orthotics – Orthema CAD/CAM prescription orthotics can be ready in as little as a day;
  • onsite digital storage of your scans and prescription.

are Orthema CAD/CAM prescription orthotics comfortable?

Orthema CAD/CAM prescription orthotics are very comfortable – in fact, once you have completed the initial wearing-in process, you should barely be aware that you are wearing them. Most people report that they feel significantly more comfortable wearing their orthotics than not wearing them.

We use the highest grade poron and neoprene covering materials with the best palliation and memory.

One of the most important parts of orthotic therapy is appropriate follow-up, so if you have a problem with orthotic fit, function, comfort, shoe fit or any other issue, your podiatrist will be able to troubleshoot the problem and address any concerns.


are Orthema CAD/CAM prescription orthotics claimable on my private health insurance?

Many private health funds contribute to the cost of prescription foot orthotics as part of extras cover. Contact your private health fund to see if you are covered for prescription orthotics.


what should I do if I need prescription orthotics?

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With the introduction of the Orthema CAD/CAM system we now have complete control of the prescription, design and manufacturing of your orthotics, which helps us to ensure that your orthotics are comfortable and are providing the best biomechanical support for your feet.

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